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Making reliability statements for technical systems under different environmental conditions - an application of Bayesian networks

: Schneider, S.; Kempf, M.

Fredericks, T.:
The 10th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering - Theory, Applications and Practice. CD-ROM : Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA, December 4-7, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 2005
ISBN: 0-9654506-1-9
International Conference on Industrial Engineering. Theory, Applications and Practice <10, 2005, Clearwater Beach/Fla.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Bayesian network; reliability; assembly; Künstliche Intelligenz

Since the availability of components, systems and subsystems in an assembly line is an indicator of productive efficiency and reliability on the shop floor, it is necessary for production engineers to get reliable information on this availibility, for example the ratio operating time to total time in percentage terms. The known methods estimating reliability and availability values for a specific subsystem do not cover the influences of the individual operating conditions of that specific subsystem. The approach presented here introduces a Bayesian availability model which is able to availablility of that instance. Since Bayesian Networks are able to handle uncertain and incomplete information, the availability model will produce results even with partial knowledge on the current states of the particular operating conditions. An example is given to show the quantification of the model and the obtained availability findings.