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Analysis of the electrochemical dissolution characteristics of high-strength particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites

Analyse der elektrochemischen Auflösungsmerkmale hochfester partikelverstärkter Aluminium-Matrix-Komposite
: Schubert, Andreas; Hackert-Oschätzchen, Matthias; Lehnert, Norbert; Martin, Andre; Meichsner, Gunnar

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Created on: 20.8.2015

Dlouhy, Antonin:
17th International Conference on the Strength of Materials, ICSMA 2015. Book of Abstracts : August 9-14, 2015, Brno, Czech Republic
Brno, 2015
ISBN: 978-80-87434-07-9
International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA) <17, 2015, Brno>
Abstract, Electronic Publication
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ECM; PECM; anodische Metallauflösung; hochfester partikelverstärkter Aluminium-Matrix-Komposite

In the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 692 HALS at TU Chemnitz numerous academic institutions work on high-strength particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites (AMCs). AMCs consist of an aluminium matrix, which is reinforced by SiC or Al2O3 particles with dimensions less or equal 1 µm. The Finishing machining of AMCs by electrochemical machining (ECM) is one main task of the CRC. ECM is based on anodic dissolution and has a slight influence on the work piece material structure. The material removal depends on the electrochemical dissolution characteristics and is independent of material strength and hardness. Because the electrochemical dissolution characteristics are hardly to predict, especially in composites like AMCs, a new experimental analysis method was developed. To realize this new experimental analysis method a special analysing device was designed and manufactured. The analysing device is based on a flow cell which is integrated in an existing prototype system for ECM. The self-built prototype system consists of the necessary periphery for the analysing process, such as power supply, electrolyte pump or control-PC [1]. Besides this a multiphysics model was developed to study the ECM process and to detect settings for the use of the analysing device [2]. In this study the new experimental analysis method is applied to analyse the electrochemical dissolution characteristics of AMCs. The experimental results will be presented referring to results of multiphysics simulation.