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Factors driving international technology transfer: Empirical insights from a CDM project survey

: Gandenberger, Carsten; Bodenheimer, Miriam; Schleich, Joachim; Orzanna, Robert; Macht, Lioba


Climate Policy 16 (2016), No.8, pp.1065-1084
ISSN: 1469-3062
ISSN: 1752-7457
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
clean development mechanism; development and climate; energy technology; North-South; technology transfer

This study empirically explores factors driving international technology transfer via Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects by explicitly considering factors that have been identified in the literature on international technology transfer as being relevant for transfer success. These factors include technological characteristics, such as the novelty and complexity of a technology, as well as the use of different transfer channels. Employing data from an original survey of CDM project participants, the econometric analysis also distinguishes between knowledge and equipment transfer. The findings suggest that more complex technologies and the use of export as a transfer channel are both associated with a higher degree of technology transfer. Projects involving two- to five-year-old technologies seem more likely to involve technology transfer than both younger and older technologies. Energy supply and efficiency projects are correlated with a higher degree of technology transfer than non-energy projects. Unlike previous studies, technology transfer was not related to project size, to the length of time a country has hosted CDM projects, or to the host country’s absorptive capacity. The findings for knowledge and equipment transfer are similar, but not identical.