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Polymersystem mit definiert einstellbarer Ladungstraegerbeweglichkeit

Polymer system with adjustable charge carrier mobility, for use e.g. in field effect transistors, polymer diodes and LED's, comprises a semiconducting polymer with a covalently-bound organic dopant as acceptor or donor.
: Janietz, S.; Krueger, H.; Wedel, A.; Sainova, D.

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DE 102004007399 A: 20040216
DE 2004-102004007399 A: 20040216
WO 2005-EP1353 A: 20050210
DE 102004007399 A1: 20050908
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Polymersystem mit definiert einstellbarer Ladungstraegerbeweglichkeit aus mindestens einem halbleitenden Polymer, Copolymer und/oder Polymerblend mit einer Ladungstraegerbeweglichkeit im Bereich von 10-8 bis 1 cm2/Vs und mindestens einem im Polymer, Copolymer und/oder Polymerblend kovalent gebundenem organischen Dotiermolekuel als Akzeptor und/oder Donator. Verwendung finden derartige Polymersysteme, Copolymer und/oder Polymerblend in elektronischen Bauelementen, insbesondere organischen Feldeffekttransistoren, polymeren Diodenstrukturen, organischen Leuchtdioden und photovoltaischen Zellen auf Basis von halbleitenden Polymeren.


WO2005078742 A UPAB: 20051027 NOVELTY - A polymer system with a charge carrier mobility (CCM) which can be adjusted in a defined manner, based on semiconducting (co)polymer(s) with a CCM of more than 10-8 cm2/Vs, also contains a covalently-bound organic dopant as acceptor with a reduction peak potential of 0.2 to -1.0 V vs. SCE and/or donor with an oxidation peak potential of 0.2-1.0 V vs. SCE. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for electronic components containing such polymer systems. USE - In electronic components, especially field effect transistors, polymeric diode structures, organic LED's and photovoltaic cells based on semiconducting polymers (claimed). ADVANTAGE - Incorporation of the specified dopants as part of the polymer structure suppresses diffusion processes in electronic components based on these polymer systems (thus extending service life) and also gives increased charge carrier mobility.