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Oleophobe anorganische Membranen und Verfahren zu deren Herstellung

Oil-repellent membrane, to separate the liquid and vapor phases in motor fuel tanks and adsorbers, uses a perfluoroalkyl compound to modify the metal or ceramic surface.
: Schiestel, T.

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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft oleophobe anorganische Membranen sowie Verfahren zu deren Herstellung, welche vor Kraftstoffadsorbern von Entlueftungssystemen von Kraftstoffanlagen eingesetzt werden koennen und eine Trennung von fluessigem Kraftstoff und der Kraftstoffdampfphase ermoeglichen.


WO2005089916 A UPAB: 20051104 NOVELTY - The oil-repellent inorganic membrane is given a surface modification using a perfluoroalkyl compound. The metal or ceramic membrane surface is treated with the compound to silanize it, be given a plasma coating or as a varnish. The membrane has pore dimensions of 1 nm to 100 mu m, and the surface matrix contains additional hydrophilic components. USE - The membrane is used in the ventilation system for fuel tanks for internal combustion motors and fuel adsorbers, to prevent the build-up of vapor pressure without allowing the fuel to leak and escape. ADVANTAGE - The membrane effectively separates the liquid and vapor phases, so that liquid fuel does not make contact with the adsorber, and equalizes pressures.