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Export of BIM data to energy simulation tools and more refined zonal models

Using BIM data for energy simulations based on an automatically generated zonal airflow and building enclosure model
: Reim, H.; Norrefeldt, Victor; Noisten, Peter; Nasyrov, Vladislav; Stratbücker, Sebastian

Rickers, Uwe ; Hochschule Konstanz:
Lake Constance 5D-Conference 2015. Proceedings : Constance, 4th-5th of May 2015
Constance, 2015
Lake Constance 5D-Conference <3, 2015, Constance>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

One aim of BIM is to store construction and building relevant data in a standardized format to ensure interoperability between various application domains. BIM enables a data driven collaborative process to ensure the consistency of data, ideally during the entire lifecycle of a building. This case study aims at exporting information from a building information model to a zonal building model as well as to other energy simulation tools. A formalized data exchange process is the basis for an evaluation of which information from BIM can be made available for energy simulations by using the established IFC data format. Goal is to develop a toolchain with a high grade of automation that generates executable Modelica based building energy models. The procedure is shown for an experimental building which is initially set up in BIM enabled architectural software. At the end of the process, energy simulations are conducted and the results are compared to measurement data from the experimental building. The study is complemented by an examination of possible toolchains from IFC to energy simulation tools based on EnergyPlus.