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Concept of the Green Factory Bavaria in Augsburg

Konzept der Green Factory Bavaria in Augsburg
: Gebbe, Christian; Hilmer, Stephanie; Götz, Georg; Lutter-Günther, Max; Chen, Qian; Unterberger, Eric; Glasschröder, Johannes; Schmidt, Vanessa; Riss, Fabian Karl Eberhard; Kamps, Tobias; Tammer, Christoph; Seidel, Christian; Braunreuther, Stefan Rainer Johann; Reinhart, Gunther

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Procedia CIRP 32 (2015), pp.53-57
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Learning Factories <5, 2015, Bochum>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
manufacturing system; learning; resource efficiency

Scheduled nuclear power plant shutdowns in Bavaria and increased customer awareness for environmentally friendly products have raised the interest in energy security and resource efficient production. This gave birth to the idea of the Green Factory Bavaria in Augsburg. The factory will serve as a research-, demonstration- and learning platform and will assist Bavarian manufacturing companies in increasing their resource efficiency. Therefore, an additive manufacturing process chain will be realized, in which the following specific topics are going to be addressed:
resource efficient product design and powder recycling for additive manufacturing technologies, format flexible packaging, biologic component cleaning, energy supply concepts and measurement systems facilitating life cycle assessments. In this paper, we want to present the initial motives, the current status and the future outlook of the Green Factory Bavaria in Augsburg.