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Schaltungselement und Verfahren zum Sichern einer Lastschaltung

Switching component for use in semiconductor chip, has interrupter unit for irreversible interrupting signal path based on reception of control signal, where component is realized monolithically in silicon.
: Berberich, S.; Maerz, M.

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DE 102004025420 A: 20040524
DE 2004-102004025420 A: 20040524
WO 2005-EP5360 A: 20050517
DE 102004025420 A1: 20051222
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Ein Schaltungselement zum Sichern einer Lastschaltung umfasst einen Signaleingang zum Anlegen eines Signals, einen Signalausgang, einen Signalpfad, der den Signaleingang mit dem Signalausgang verbindet, und eine Unterbrechungseinrichtung zum irreversiblen Unterbrechen des Signalpfads auf den Empfang eines Steuersignals an derselben hin, wobei das Schaltungselement auf einem Halbleitersubstrat implementiert ist.


WO2005117113 A UPAB: 20060116 NOVELTY - The component has a signal input (60) to which a signal can be applied, and a signal output (100). A signal path connects the signal input with the signal output, and an interrupter unit (70) irreversibly interrupts the signal path based on the reception of a control signal (90) from an output of a voltage divider circuit. The unit (70) has bipolar and filed effect transistors. The component is realized monolithically in silicon. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (A) a semiconductor chip comprising a switching component (B) a method for protecting a load circuit. USE - Used in a semiconductor chip (claimed) for protecting a load circuit. ADVANTAGE - The interrupter unit irreversible and securely interrupts the signal path based on the reception of the control signal, so that the load circuit can be protected in a reliable manner, and hence damages to the load circuit is avoided. The switching component is realized monolithically in silicon, so that the switching component can be manufactured in a cost effective manner.