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Erzeugnis mit Deckschicht und Abformschicht

Layered assembly, e.g. for reproducing a product surface, includes a modeling layer with greater adherence to a support layer than to the product.
: Vissing, K.; Stenzel, V.

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DE 102004026479 A: 20040527
DE 2004-102004026479 A: 20040527
WO 2005-EP52366 A: 20050524
DE 102004026479 A1: 20051222
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Erzeugnis (11) mit Schichtsystem (13; 15) aus zumindest einer Deckschicht (15) und einer zwischen der Deckschicht (15) und dem Erzeugnis (11) angeordneten Abformschicht (13), wobei die Abformschicht (13) eine plasmapolymere Schicht ist, die die Konturen des Erzeugnisses (11) abformt und an der Deckschicht (15) fester haftet als an dem Erzeugnis (11). Sie betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung eines solchen Erzeugnisses (11) mit Schichtsystem und jeweils ein Verfahren zum Herstellen eines abformenden Negativs bzw. eines Positivmodells von (i) Teilen der Oberflaeche oder (ii) der Oberflaeche eines Erzeugnisses.


WO2005115711 A UPAB: 20060116 NOVELTY - The surface of a product (11) is covered by a modeling layer (13) of a plasma polymer, which accurately reproduces the microscopic surface structure, as well as a support layer (15). The modeling layer (13) adheres more strongly to the support layer (15) than to the product surface (11). The modeling layer (13) can have graded properties or have various constituents to give the required adhesion and release properties. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (1) The process of producing such a layered assembly, including forming the modeling layer (13) by coating with a liquid precursor and exposing to low pressure plasma; (2) Preparation of a layered assembly and then removing the modeling layer (13) with its support (15) so that it carries a negative impression; (3) Using the modeling layer with its negative impression as a former to make a positive model (11b); (4) Application of a release layer to the modeling layer before using it to form a positive model. USE - Preparation of models that reproduce microscopic surface structure, e.g. leather, fresnel lenses, diffraction gratings, holograms, easy-to-clean surfaces but excluding wafers or micro-platelets. ADVANTAGE - Method gives accurate reproduction without danger of damage when removing modeling layer.