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Ceramic diesel particulate filters

: Adler, J.


International journal of applied ceramic technology 2 (2005), No.6, pp.429-439
ISSN: 1546-542X
ISSN: 1744-7402
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
automobile; ceramic; diesel engine; exhaust system; filtration

Twenty-five years of diesel particulate filter (DPF) developments have shown that ceramic materials are well-suited candidates to fulfill the harsh requirements of exhaust after treatment. The introduction of DPF in passenger cars in Europe in 2000 was a real breakthrough from both a scientific and a com. point of view. Different systems and filter materials can be used as DPF; however, at the moment silicon carbide wall flow filters seem to be at advantage. There is a continual demand for cost-effective and reliable materials and systems forced by increasing legal emission stds. [on SciFinder (R)]