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Computed Laminography and its Applications

: Gondrom, S.; Maisl, M.; Reiter, H.; Cloetens, P.; Kröning, M.

Journal of Non-Destructive Evaluation 20 (2000), No.3, pp.33-36
ISSN: 0971-0604
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
nondestructive testing; laminography; computed laminography

X-ray irradiation is well known as a non-destructive testing method for technical components. Using a simple irradiation technique one doesn't get information about the depth of the imaged structures. Computed tomography (CT) allows an imaging of object slices, but with the restriction that the object has to be irradiated from 360 degrees. In case of flat components, e.g. multilayer printed circuit boards or welding seams in big components, this is not always possible because of high absorption and limited access.
Laminographic methods yield images of object slices and allow the determination of the position of the object structures. An overview of the existing methods and the potential of computed laminography for industrial applications is given.