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High power three-section integrated master oscillator power amplifier at 1.5 μm

: Faugeron, M.; Vilera, M.; Krakowski, M.; Robert, Y.; Vinet, E.; Primiani, P.; Le Goëc, J.-P.; Parillaud, O.; Pérez-Serrano, A.; Tijero, J.M.G.; Kochem, G.; Traub, M.; Esquivias, I.; Dijk, F. van


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 27 (2015), No.13, pp.1449-1452
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()

We present the design and the performance of a monolithically integrated master oscillator power amplifier at 1.5 μm. The three-section device includes a distributed feedback laser, a modulation section, and a high power tapered amplifier. In order to mitigate the coupling effects of the light reflected at the facets, the device has been designed with a bent longitudinal axis and a tilted front facet. The device delivers >400 mW mode-hopping free output power. In static regime, the modulation section allows an extinction ratio of 35 dB.