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Physical properties and formation mechanism of carbon nanotubes - ultrafine nanocrystals reinforced laser 3D print microlaminates

: Li, J.; Liu, K.; Craeghs, W.; Zhang, Y.; Yuan, X.; Liu, P.; Ren, G.


Materials letters 145 (2015), pp.184-188
ISSN: 0167-577X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()

Rapid prototyping based on laser alloying by the pre-placed mixed powders has been used to produce the nanocrystals reinforced three-dimensional microlaminates in this study. Such microlaminates were fabricated on a TA7 titanium alloy by laser rapid prototyping (LRP) of the Stellite SF12-CNTs (carbon nanotubes)-Cu/Stellite SF12-CNTs laminate pre-placed powders. Through experimental work, it was confirmed that when laser power was not high enough, a portion of CNTs can be retained in bottom-layer of such LRP microlaminates; the Cu addition was able to refine the microstructures, also favoring the formations of ultrafine nanocrystals (UN). When laser power increased to a certain value, the boundary of such microlaminates became indistinguishable, and a great number of the coarse precipitates were also produced.