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Extending the resources of mobile human health monitoring via rule-based functions

: Siebra, C.A.; Lino, N.C.Q.; Silva, M.D.C.


International journal of functional informatics and personalised medicine : IJFIPM 4 (2014), No.3-4, pp.226-240
ISSN: 1756-2104
ISSN: 1756-2112
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()

The use of mobile healthcare systems is an option to provide health-monitoring services without restrictions of time and location. Rather than just storing and transmitting health signals, the current stage of the mobile technology enables the development of intelligent modules, so that mobile devices can carry out an initial analysis of the collected data, taking important decisions and acting as a personal health assistant. This work summarises the current state of the art in healthcare monitoring and proposes an extension of this technology via the use of a rule-based module for deduction. The principal advantage of this approach is the easy way to codify the knowledge of domain experts via logic sentences. As example, we discuss a cardiovascular monitoring system that was developed to run in mobile phones.