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Fatigue design of short fibre reinforced polymers

: Spancken, D.; Decker, J.; Becker, P.; Contell Asins, C.; Büter, A.

Univ. of Sevilla:
16th European Conference on Composite Materials, ECCM 2014. Proceedings : 22-26 June 2014, Sevilla, Spain
Sevilla, 2014
ISBN: 978-84-61697-98-4
8 pp.
European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM) <16, 2014, Sevilla>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()

At the present time, the amount of fibre reinforced polymers used for lightweight design applications is increasing steadily. Mainly in the high loaded region of a component, a complex multi axial stress concentration emerges, which is difficult to characterise due to its anisotropic material properties. Material data that consider the anisotropic properties for multi axial stress concentration are often not available. Additionally, the knowledge of the fatigue performance of multi axially loaded components and the design of such components is a great challenge in application. This paper presents the results achieved in investigations of the fatigue design and the durability performance of a complex short fibre reinforced structural component, the "Multi Tester". The MultiTester is a novel internal pressure test specimen. The loading induces a complex multi axial stress concentration in the highly loaded region. By the use of the Tsai-Wu failure hypothesis, the life time of the MultiTester will be determined and compared with experimental test results.