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Automatic competency assessment of rhythm performances of ninth-grade and tenth-grade pupils

: Abeßer, J.; Hasselhorn, J.; Grollmisch, S.; Dittmar, C.; Lehmann, A.

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Georgaki, A. ; International Computer Music Association -ICMA-:
Music technology meets philosophy. From digital echos to virtual echos. Vol.2 : Proceedings of the ICMC/SMC 2014, 40th International Computer Music Conference joint with the 11th Sound and Music Computing Conference, 14 - 20 September 2014, Athens, Greece
San Francisco, Calif.: ICMA, 2014
ISBN: 0-9845274-3-5
ISBN: 978-0-9845274-3-4
ISBN: 978-960-466-137-4
ISBN: 978-960-7313-29-4
ISBN: 978-960-466-136-7
ISBN: 978-960-7313-28-7
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) <40, 2014, Athens>
Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) <11, 2014, Athens>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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In this paper, we introduce an approach for automated testing of music competency in rhythm production of ninth-grade and tenth-grade pupils. This work belongs in the larger context of modeling ratings of vocal and instrumental performances. Our approach relies on audio recordings from a specialized mobile application. Rhythmic features were extracted and used to train a machine-learning model which was targeted to approximate human ratings. Using two classes to assess the rhythmic performance, we obtained a mean class accuracy of 0.86.