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High frequency 1D piezoelectric resonant microscanners with large displacements

: Gu-Stoppel, S.; Janes, J.; Quenzer, H.J.; Eisermann, C.; Heinrich, F.; Benecke, W.

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Procedia Engineering 87 (2014), pp.1593-1596
ISSN: 1877-7058
European Conference on Solid-State Transducers (Eurosensors) <28, 2014, Brescia>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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This paper presents design, fabrication and measurements for two single-axial resonant driven microscanners with apertures of 1.2 mm and I mm diameter, which achieve large 0,opt ·D-products of 73.2°·mm and 40°·mm at high frequencies of 27 kHz and 60 kHz, respectively. Unipolar rectangular signals with different amplitudes of 15 V and 10 V have been used for driving. The attainment of large tilting angles and high frequencies are resulted from the high torque delivered by the thin-film PZT driving layer and mechanical leverage amplification. To study the influence of geometrical parameters on the static and dynamic performance and optimize the designs, FEM simulations have been applied. In order to realize closed-loop actuation one actuator has been used as piezoelectric sensor delivering corresponding feedback signals for position detection. The simulation and characterization results will be presented and discussed.