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Characterization of adsorbent/refrigerant pairs for developing high performance adsorption cooling systems

: El-Sharkawy, I.I.; Uddin, K.; Miyazaki, T.; Saha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; Henninger, S.K.

7th Asian Conference on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, ACRA 2014 : Jeju, Korea, 18 - 21 May 2014
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-63439-400-0
Asian Conference on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ACRA) <7, 2014, Jeju/Korea>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISE ()

This paper presents an experimental investigation of adsorption isotherms and kinetics of promising adsorbent/refrigerant pairs towards the performance improvement of adsorption cooling systems. Adsorbents used in the present study are (i) parent Maxsorb III, (ii) KOH-H2 treated Maxsorb III, and (iii) a metal organic framework (MOF) material namely, MIL-101Cr. Adsorption isotherms and kinetics of the assorted pairs have been measured using magnetic suspension adsorption measurement unit (MSB-VG-S2). Experiments have been conducted across assorted adsorption temperatures that are useful for the operation of adsorption chillers. The Dubinin-Astakhov equation is used to fit adsorption isotherms whilst adsorption kinetics is presented by the Fickian diffusion model. Experimental results show that, among the assorted pairs, parent Maxsorb III/ethanol pair has the highest adsorption equilibrium uptake. However, the diffusional time constant of MIL-101Cr is found to be higher than that of other studied pairs.