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Health risks of nanoparticles

: Richter, V.; Holke, R.; Meißner, T.; Potthoff, A.; Kühnel, D.; Busch, W.; Schirmer, K.; Bastian, S.; Iwe, M.; Gelinsky, M.; Springer, A.; Ikonomidou, H.

European Powder Metallurgy Association -EPMA-:
World Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition, World PM 2010. Vol.1 : 10th - 14th October 2010, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy
ISBN: 978-1-899072-19-4
World Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition (World PM) <2010, Florence>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

Different techniques which enable the analysis of organic and inorganic materials and the control of different manufacturing processes at the nanoscale are summarized as -nanotech-nologies{norm of matrix} and considered to belong to the most challenging and important developments of our century. Although the advantages of nanotechnology are well accepted there are diverg-ing opinions on the risks of nanoscaled powders to human health and the environment. The statements vary from no risk to we need a memorandum for nanotechnology. This situa-tion is discussed. The paper gives a synopsis on the state-of-the-art in the fields of the evaluation of health risks which may occur in manufacturing, processing and use of nano-scaled powders or products which are made from them. The biological background is briefly outlined. The report is based on our own investigations into the health risks of nanoscale hardmetals and a survey of the literature.