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Sintering of nanostructured WC-10Co/316L stainless-steel composite parts made by assembling of the PIM parts

: Simchi, A.; Petzoldt, F.; Hartwig, T.; Veltl, G.

European Powder Metallurgy Association -EPMA-:
World Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition, World PM 2010. Vol.4 : 10th - 14th October 2010, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy
Stockholm: EPMA, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-899072-19-4
World Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition (World PM) <2010, Florence>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

This paper reports co-sintering response of nanostructured WC-Co/316L stainless steel composite produced by assembling of powder injection molding (PIM) parts. A significant mismatch sintering shrinkage (>4%) was observed in the temperature range of 1080-1350 °C. The reaction between WC and Fe at the contact area resulted in the diffusion of C and Co into the iron lattice and eventually formation of a low-temperature liquid phase that in fact affects the shape control of the PIM parts during sintering. In order to make the co-sintering feasible, a special sintering cycle was developed. The reaction between the cemented carbide and stainless steel was also retarded by developing a special Ni-W past. This articles presents a protocol to fabricate WC/316L composite structures by powder injection molding process. Such a composite structure is practically very useful because only a part of the article is made from cemented carbides to yield wear resistance while the rest is manufactured from a cheaper metal with an aim of cost reduction and/or to provide a function, for example, corrosion resistance.