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Online and non-invasive investigation of bubble columns with electrical resistance tomography (ERT)

Presentation held at ACHEMA 2015, Frankfurt, 15.-19.6.2015
: Fogel, Stefan; Deutschmann, Anne; Jobst, Karin; Michaelis, Alexander

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2015, 29 Folien
International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology (ACHEMA) <31, 2015, Frankfurt/Main>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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electrical resistance tomography; Bubble column; non-invasive flow characterization; multi-phase flow; gas holdup; bubble size distribution; bubble rise velocity; transition phenomena; gas mass transfer coefficients

Bubble columns are widely used in industrial applications because of their simple construction, the absence of mechanically moving parts inside and good heat and mass transfer. However, the characterization of multi-phase flows and hydrodynamics presents a great challenge. Common characteristics can hardly be found due to different material properties e.g. viscosity, density, surface tension, variable operating conditions and column design. One available and powerful tool to characterize multi-phase flows and hydrodynamics is ERT. Besides being robust and noninvasive, ERT works in opaque media and measures over the whole volume of interest. ERT detects changes in conductivity correlating with concentration, mixing index, movement and velocity. With the help of these parameters bubble size, reactive interface and oxygen transmission rate (OTR) can be calculated.