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New materials and manufacturing processes for electrode coating

Manufacturing with electroplating processes
: Metzner, Martin

Bauernhansl, Thomas (Hrsg.); Verl, Alexander (Hrsg.) ; Stuttgarter Produktionsakademie:
Future Powercaps : Materialien, Herstellverfahren und zukünftige Anwendungen für mobile Energiespeicher. Seminar, 30. September 2014, Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 2014 (Seminar SPA 117)
13 Folien
Seminar Future Powercaps <2014, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
electroplating; Elektrode; Oberflächentechnik

Structured electrode foils as current collectors for Li ion battery cells offer a number of advantages over the conventionally used homogeneous metal foils. A micro structure in the range of several micro meter offers a better adhesion for the active electrode materials. A macro structure consisting of holes in the metal foil enables a by far better penetration of the electrolyte during filling of the battery cell and also a fully homogeneous wetting of the complete electrode area which will realize the full capacity potential of the electrodes with high reproducibility.
In the area of super-capacitors several tests to pre-treat the current collectors in order to decrease the contact resistance between them and the active material of the electrodes have also been performed.