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Testing of fibrous particles: Short-term assays and strategies

: Bernstein, D.; Castranova, V.; Donaldson, K.; Fubini, B.; Hadley, J.; Hesterberg, T.; Kane, A.; Lai, D.; McConnell, E.E.; Muhle, H.; Oberdörster, G.; Olin, S.; Warheit, D.B.


Inhalation Toxicology 17 (2005), No.10, pp.497-537
ISSN: 0895-8378
ISSN: 1091-7691
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()
fiber; health effect; Fibers; Carcinogenicity testing

This working group report is the product of the joint efforts of the members of an expert working group organized and convened by the International Life Sciences Institute Risk Science Institute. All members of the working group contributed by drafting various sections of the report. The final report emerged from extensive discussions and revisions by the working group and represents the consensus of the group on current utility and applicability of short-term assays and testing methods in screening fibers for potential toxicity. The screening strategy proposed by the working group is intended to distinguish between fibers that are unlikely to present a hazard and those that may require further testing for regulatory evaluation. The ILSI Risk Science Institute expresses it sincere thanks to the members of this working group for their tireless efforts over many months and their collegial spirit in developing this report. Financial support for this project through a cooperative agreement between the ILSI Risk Science Institute and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics is gratefully acknowledged. The International Life Sciences Institute ( ILSI) is a nonprofit, worldwide foundation established in 1978 to advance the understanding of scientific issues relating to nutrition, food safety, toxicology, risk assessment, and the environment for the well being of the general public. ILSI receives financial support from industry, government, and foundations. The Risk Science Institute (RSI) was established in 1985 as part of the ILSI Research Foundation (RF) to improve the scientific basis of risk assessment. ILSI RF/RSI works toward this goal through an international program of scientific working groups, conferences and workshops, publications, and seminars. ILSI RF/RSI sponsors and participates in a wide range of activities to develop and disseminate new scientific knowledge, encourage exchange of ideas, and build consensus among scientists from academia, industry, government, and public interest/public health groups. ILSI RF/RSI and its programs are supported by government grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts, as well as by contributions from the ILSI Research Foundation and ILSI branches. For further information on ILSI, RF, and RSI, see the ILSI web site: