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Lysimeter studies of the experimental insecticide bas 263 I

: Herrchen, Monika; Kördel, Werner; Klein, Werner; Hamm, R.


Journal of environmental science and health. Part B, pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes 25 (1990), No.1, pp.31-53
ISSN: 0360-1234
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IME ()
Lysimeter; field testing; leaching; ground-water pollution; metabolism; mathematical simulation models; insecticides

For investigating the leaching behaviour, distribution, and metabolism of the experimental insecticide BAS 263 I within one year following application a lysimeter study with undisturbed soil monolith using the radiolabelled compounds was performed. This was achieved by monitoring the leaching water, and by analyzing radiolabelled residues distribution in the 1 m soil profile and in plants. The soil monoliths were characterized chemically and microbiologically.
Concentrations exceeding 0.1 µg/1 of the insecticide itself or of known metabolites were not found at any time in the leachate. One year after application, more than 96 % of the persisting radioactive material were detected in the 0 - 40 cm soil layers as polar non-extractable residues. The insecticide itself was not detected in soil at a limit of 1.8 µg/kg. The total residues in the cultivated crop, especially in the edible parts of the plants, were below 1.3 x 10-4 µg/kg, calculated for the molecular weight of the a.i. and corresponding to less than 0.14 % of the initially applied insecticide.
Results on the a.i. and known metabolites were in agreement with those of a field study.