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Stumbling blocks of PPC: Towards the holistic configuration of PPC systems

: Wiendahl, H.-H.; Cieminski, G. von; Wiendahl, H.-P.


Production Planning and Control 16 (2005), No.7, pp.634-651
ISSN: 0953-7287
ISSN: 1366-5871
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
PPS; Production Planning and Control (PPC); PPS-System; PPC system; MRP

Manufacturing companies often complain about the difficulties they face in meeting their customers' logistic requirements. Many blame the perceived inadequacies of their production planning and control (PPC) software for their performance deficits. The paper illustrates why this is only a partial view of the causes of the shortcomings. PPC software is just one of six configuration aspects of the entire PPC system. The authors argue that the configuration of the PPC aspects objectives, processes, objects, functions, responsibilities and tools has to be carried out methodically and consistently in order for the PPC system to function properly. The analysis of examples of so-called "stumbling blocks" of PPC, inadequate configurations of one or several of the aspects, supports this claim. The paper closes with the proposal of a checklist that the authors suggest as a first approach to ensure the consistent configuration of PPC systems.