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Cell size discrimination based on the measurement of the equilibrium velocity in rectangular microchannels

: Schott, Lisa; Sommer, Christian; Wittek, Joern; Myagmar, Khaliun; Walther, Thomas; Baßler, Michael

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Micromachines 6 (2015), No.5, pp.634-647
ISSN: 2072-666X
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ICT-IMM ()
equilibrium velocity; spatially modulated fluorescence emission; cell counter; inertial migration; Segré-Silberberg effect

Flow cytometry is a well-established diagnostic tool for cell counting and characterization. It utilizes fluorescence and scattered excitation light simultaneously emitted from cells passing an excitation laser focus to discriminate various cell types and estimate cell size. Here, we apply the principle of spatially modulated emission (SME) to fluorescently stained SUP-B15 cells as a model system for cancer cells and Marinococcus luteus as model for bacteria. We demonstrate that the experimental apparatus is able to detect these model cells and that the results are comparable to those obtained by a commercially available CASY® TT Counter. Furthermore, by examining the velocity distribution of the cells, we observe clear relationships between cell condition/size and cell velocity. Thus, the cell velocity provides information comparable to the scatter signal in conventional flow cytometry. These results indicate that the SME technique is a promising method for simultaneous cell counting and viability characterization.