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D4.1- Requirements analysis, mechanism and technology selection, and control panel specification

FP7 - SMARTCITIES - 2013 STREETLIFE. Steering towards Green and Perceptive Mobility of the Future. WP4 – Mobility Management and Emission Control Panel
: Dittwald, Benjamin; Kohlmorgen, Jens; Schünemann, Björn; Obst, Birgit; Brandstetter, Veronika; Gilka, Philipp; Frigeri, Davide

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Created on: 14.7.2015

Berlin: Streetlife Consortium, 2014, 24 pp.
European Commission EC
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
streetlife; mmecp; control panel; co2; emission

Deliverable 4.1 describes the requirements and specifications of each task of WP4. Also each task evaluated possible tools to help us to reach the goal of the tasks. Considering the scenarios and use cases of the pilot site and the available components and data of each pilot this deliverable describes an architecture approach to fulfil the requirements of the pilots. It describes the results of the work in WP4 at month 4.