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Wireless tear glucose sensor system

: Hennig, Andreas; Lauko, Jan; Grabmaier, Anton; Wilson, Christopher


Lerch, Reinhard (Vorsitzender) ; AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V., Wunstorf:
AMA Conferences 2015. Proceedings : SENSOR 2015 and IRS 2 2015; Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Germany, 19. - 21.5.2015
Nürnberg: AMA Service, 2015
ISBN: 978-3-9813484-8-4
International Conference on Sensors and Measurement Technology (SENSOR) <17, 2015, Nuremberg>
International Conference on Infrared Sensors & Systems (IRS²) <14, 2015, Nuremberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
wireless; glucose sensor; amperometric; diabetes; tear glucose level

A novel wireless tear glucose level sensor system for diabetes patients is presented. The concept provides a miniaturized sensor that can be worn non-invasively under the eye lid. It is composed of a chronoamperometric glucose sensor and an ASIC set with integrated potentiostat and transponder circuits. Wireless energy and data transmission according to the passive transponder standard ISO18000-3 is used to power and readout the sensor by a reader unit. The special coil shape design of the sensor unit enables adoption to the shape of an eye whilst and hence high comfort for the patient. High integration level is achieved by a combination of antenna and sensor electrode wires.