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Response, thermal regulatory threshold and thermal breakdown threshold of restrained RF-exposed mice at 905 MHz

: Ebert, S.; Eom, S.; Schuderer, J.; Apostel, U.; Tillmann, T.; Dasenbrock, C.; Kuster, N.


Physics in medicine and biology 50 (2005), No.21, pp.5203-5215
ISSN: 0031-9155
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()
NMRI-mice; B6C3F1 mice; thermal breakdown threshold; thermal regulatory threshold; Electromagnetic fields; Threshold limit values; Radio waves

The objective of this study was the determination of the thermal regulatory and the thermal breakdown thresholds for in-tube restrained B6C3F1 and NMRI mice exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields at 905 MHz. Different levels of the whole-body averaged specific absorption rate (SAR = 0, 2, 5, 7.2, 10, 12.6 and 20 W kg(-1)) have been applied to the mice inside the 'Ferris Wheel' exposure setup at 22 +/- 2 degrees C and 30-70% humidity. The thermal responses were assessed by measurement of the rectal temperature prior, during and after the 2 h exposure session. For B6C3F1 mice, the thermal response was examined for three different weight groups (20 g, 24 g, 29 g), both genders and for pregnant mice. Additionally, NMRI mice with a weight of 36 g were investigated for an interstrain comparison. The thermal regulatory threshold of in-tube restrained mice was found at SAR levels between 2 W kg(-1) and 5 W kg(-1), whereas the breakdown of regulation was determined at 10.1 +/- 4.0 W kg(-1)(K = 2) for B6C3F1 mice and 7.7 +/- 1.6 W kg(-1)(K = 2) for NMRI mice. Based on a simplified power balance equation, the thresholds show a clear dependence upon the metabolic rate and weight. NMRI mice were more sensitive to thermal stress and respond at lower SAR values with regulation and breakdown. The presented data suggest that the thermal breakdown for in-tube restrained mice, whole-body exposed to radiofrequency fields, may occur at SAR levels of 6 W kg(-1)(K = 2) at laboratory conditions.