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Experience-based refactoring for goal-oriented software quality improvement

: Rech, J.; Ras, E.

Hauptkonferenz Net.ObjectDays 2004. Evaluierte Beiträge : Offizielle Nachfolge-Veranstaltung der JavaDays, STJA, JIT
Ilmenau, 2004
ISBN: 3-9808628-3-6
pp.51-59 : Ill., Lit.
Net.ObjectDays <5, 2004, Erfurt>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IESE ()
RISE; indiGo

In agile software development refactoring is an important phase for the con-tinuous improvement of software quality. Unfortunately, the application of refactorings is very subjective and heavily based on the expertise of the devel-opers resulting in an unstable quality assurance. In this paper, we present an experience-based approach for the semi-automatic and goal-oriented refactor-ing of software systems based on didactical augmented experiences, following the experience factory paradigm. This approach promises the accelerated acqui-sition, (re-) use, and learning of knowledge in the refactoring process.