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Joint dereverberation and noise reduction using beamforming and a single-channel speech enhancement scheme

: Cauchi, Benjamin; Kodrasi, Ina; Rehr, Robert; Gerlach, Stephan; Jukic, Ante; Gerkmann, Timo; Doclo, Simon; Goetze, Stefan

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REVERB Challenge Workshop 2014, REverberant Voice Enhancement and Recognition Benchmark. Online resource : 10 May 2014, Florence, Italy
Florence, 2014
8 pp.
"REverberant Voice Enhancement and Recognition Benchmark" Challenge Workshop (REVERB) <2014, Florence>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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The REVERB challenge provides a common framework for the evaluation of speech enhancement algorithms in the presence of both reverberation and noise. This contribution proposes a system consisting of a commonly used combination of a beamformer with a single-channel speech enhancement scheme aiming at joint dereverberation and noise reduction. First, a minimum variance distortionless response beamformer with an on-line estimated noise coherence matrix is used to suppress the noise and possibly some reflections. The beamformer output is then processed by a single-channel speech enhancement scheme, incorporating temporal cepstrum smoothing which suppresses both reverberation and residual noise. Experimental results show that improvements are particularly significant in conditions with high reverberation times.