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The proximity paradox

Balancing auto suppliers´ manufacturing networks
: Spindelndreier, Daniel; Bauernhansl, Thomas; Beck, Manfred; Lesmeister, Frank
: Prinz, Andrea; Kuch, Benjamin; Schatz, Anja

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Created on: 26.11.2015

München, 2015, 20 pp.
Study, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Industrie 4.0; Automobilzulieferer; Kostendruck; Fabrikorganisation; elektrisches Netzwerk; Logistikmanagement; Logistik; Kosten; Anlagenplanung

Automotive suppliers are under mounting pressure to satisfy two conflicting customer demands: to cut costs and to open more factories in fast-growing emerging markets so that they can be closer to their customers´ assembly plants. Striking the right balance between cost and proximity in global manufacturing networks will be one of the industry´s greatest challenges.