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WINDHEAT. Intelligent Ice Sensing and De-icing System to Improve Wind Turbine Efficiency in Cold Climates

Poster presented at WindEnergy Hamburg 2014, The Global On- & Offshore Expo, 23.-26. September 2014, Hamburg
: Getto, Sascha; Gerten, Anne

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Created on: 30.4.2015

2014, 1 Folie
The Global On- & Offshore Expo "WindEnergy" <2014, Hamburg>
European Commission EC
FP7-SME; 2012-1-34893; Windheat
Poster, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Rotorblatt; Heiztechnik; Windenergie; Enteisen; Vereisen; Energietechnik; Turbine; Sensor

Ice formation on wind turbine blades significantly reduces performance and can ultimately cause shutdown. The WINDHEAT technology is a de-icing system, which detects ice and removes it at the areas of the blade only where it occurs.