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Cognitive Full Spectrum Access based on FFT Permutation Waveforms

: Venkatasubramanian, Venkatkumar; Haustein, Thomas

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EP 2797274 A1: 20130425
Patent, Electronic Publication
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EP2797274A1 [EN] An apparatus for generating a manipulated time-domain signal for transmitting a plurality of data symbols is provided. The apparatus comprises a modulation unit 110 for modulating the data symbols on one or more first subcarriers, wherein the modulation unit is configured to not load the data symbols on one or more second subcarriers, wherein each of the one or more second subcarriers is different from each of the one or more first subcarriers. Moreover, the apparatus comprises transformation unit 120 for transforming the one or more first subcarriers and the one or more second subcarriers to a time-domain to obtain a transformed time-domain signal. Furthermore, the apparatus comprises a manipulation module 130 for invertibly modifying the transformed time-domain signal according to a first modification rule to obtain the manipulated time-domain signal.