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Ergonomic lightweight design for workers in automotive production

: Geiger, Raphael; Rommel, Steve

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Created on: 30.4.2015

Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren, Stuttgart:
15th Stuttgart International Symposium Automotive and Engine Technology 2015. Documentation. Vol.2 : Stuttgart, 17. und 18. März 2015, Stuttgart
Wiesbaden: Springer Vieweg, 2015
Stuttgart International Symposium "Automotive and Engine Technology" <15, 2015, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
generatives Fertigungsverfahren; Additive Manufacturing (AM); Lasersintern; Ergonomie; Leichtbau; Bionik; Arbeitsphysiologie; Arbeitsplatzgestaltung; Arbeiter

Additive Manufacturing Technology offers a unique design flexibility due to its layer based construction approach. This provides a new potential for lightweight construction. Bionic lightweight structures, integrated functionality and topology optimized structures are now possible to be manufactured. The process also offers the possibility for producing personalized products, individually fitted to human physiology.
Ergonomic workplace design can benefit from this technology, through individualized lightweight design, like handling tools for example. Baraldi and Kaminski could show benefits to the worker and the company, resulting on ergonomic workstations in the assembly line. The company benefits by improved productivity, product quality and workers' quality of live. The workers don't overstress their body and do better work with higher motivation and less sickness.
Finally the design and production process of an ergonomic lightweight stool for an assembly line is shown. Using topology optimization, a material combination of car-bonfiber-reinforced (CFRP) tubes and additive manufactured polyamide parts an individual advice with over 50% weight reduction compared to the previous solution could be achieved.