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Performance of an open thermal adsorption storage system with Linde type A zeolites: Beads versus honeycombs

: Jänchen, Jochen; Herzog, Thomas H.; Gleichmann, Kristin; Unger, Baldur; Brandt, Alfons; Fischer, Gundula; Richter, Hannes


Microporous and mesoporous materials 207 (2015), pp.179–184
ISSN: 1387-1811
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Adsorptionskinetik; Zeolith; Porengrößenverteilung; Honigwabe; Speichersystem

The process of the discharging performance of an open thermal adsorption storage was investigated by tests in a 1.5-L-lab-storage accompanied by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. The storage materials were Linde-type 4A-zeolite beads and honeycomb structures both with and without binder. Additional information about the water adsorption properties und secondary pore structure was obtained by thermogravimetry, isotherm measurements and mercury intrusion. In accordance to the experimental observations and different to the CFD-results the binderless zeolite honeycombs showed the best adsorption dynamics but not the binder containing honeycombs. The accelerated adsorption kinetics in the walls of the binderless honeycombs may be caused by the optimal secondary pore size distribution and leads to an improved adsorption/discharge performance.