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Multimodal interaction laboratories

An incubator for innovative human machine interaction
: Beinhauer, Wolfgang; Block, Micha; Link, Jasmin

Pham, Duc Truong (Hrsg.); Eldukhri, Eldaw E. (Hrsg.); Soroka, Anthony. J. (Hrsg.); Höpf, Michael (Programme and Organising Committee) ; Cardiff University, Manufacturing Engineering Center; European Commission:
Innovative production machines and systems : 5th I*PROMS Virtual Conference, 6th-17th July 2009
Dunbeath: Whittles, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-84995-006-0
ISBN: 1-8499-5006-7
Virtual International Conference on Innovative Production Machines and Systems (IPROMS) <5, 2009>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Hedonistic quality experienced by users when handling a product has become a decisive factor for purchase decisions. Providing a unique user experience is a key to successful product design and branding. While huge efforts are spent on technical facilities for product development, laboratories for comprehensive product design are yet rarely seen. With the Interaction Laboratories at Fraunhofer IAO, an approach has been undertaken to provide a unique development environment for hedonistic user experience. The laboratory is equipped with various input and output techniques for rapid prototyping. It is used for co-operative product design and evaluation. This summary paper presents the design criteria that have guided the construction of the laboratory and gives an overview of its prototyping capabilities. Finally, an exemplary development process of a new product is presented.