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Ressource efficiency - driver for innovations in forming technologies

: Neugebauer, Reimund; Sterzing, Andreas

OMD 2014. The fundamental problems; Innovative Materials and Technologies. Vol.1 : Proceedings of the International Science & Technology Congress, OMD 2014; Treatment of metals by pressure, 14-17 April 2014, Moskow
Moskow, 2014
ISBN: 978-5-905714-27-6
International Science and Technology Congress <2014, Moskow>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()

The requirement to adopt an even more efficient approach to handling existing resources is becoming more and more urgent in politics, economy and research. At the same time, this raises the question of what options are available to companies in the manufacturing industries, the OEMs and, in particular, supplier companies of the automotive industry as regards reducing costs as well as minimising their consumption of resources and reducing emissions by using more efficient technologies and production systems.
The presentation will discuss strategic approaches to meet these future challenges. In this context, it will also give an overview about the core competencies of Fraunhofer in the field of resource-efficient forming processes.
The contribution will present strategic approaches to meet these future challenges. Strategies will be discussed to improve efficiency Ø in product operation à reduction of energy consumption and emissions
- lightweight design (e. g. materials, design, processes)
- tailored material / product properties (e. g. modification of materials based on forming technologies) as well as Ø in product manufacturing à reduction of resource use
- increase of process reliability (e. g. process monitoring and control)
- process substitution / combination (e. g. substitution of machining by forming processes)
- highly efficient tool making processes (e. g. innovative machine concepts)
Considering these, selected projects will be presented which will underline Fraunhofer's focus on industrial applications.