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Pattern of innovative activities among finnish firms

: Ebersberger, B.; Lehtoranta, O.
: VTT Technology Studies, Espoo

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Espoo: VTT Information Service, 2005, 197 pp.
VTT Publications, 558
ISBN: 951-38-6644-0
Study, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISI ()
innovation; innovation activity; company; impact; R&D Funding; public subsidies; public funding; return to innovation; collaboration

This study summarizes the research on the innovation activities of Finnish firms and its many facets drawing on vast data supplied by Statistics Finlands, register and survey data. The authors set out to analyze the impact of public funding, the pattern of collaboration for R&D and their determinants, the impact of foreign ownership on innovation activities and firm performance, and, finally, the returns from innovation, their determinants and distributions