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Thermally induced structure changes and their influence on the optical properties of noble metal nanoparticles in a polymer matrix

: Löschner, K.; Buchfink, R.; Kiesow, A.; Heilmann, A.

GKSS-Forschungszentrum, Geesthacht:
Polymer/Metal Nanocomposites. 2nd International Workshop : September 26-27, 2005 Institute of Chemistry, GKSS Research Centre, Geesthacht, Germany
Geesthacht, 2005
International Workshop on Polymer/Metal Nanocomposites <2, 2005, Geesthacht>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
nanoparticle; plasma polymer; laser irradiation

Nobel metal nanoparticles on dielectric surfaces or embedded in dielectric matrices exhibit unique optical properties. Under the influence of an elctric field, there is a plasmon excitation of electrons at the particle surface. This so-called surface plasmon resonance which thakes place at certain energy of the incident light results in optical absorption. The optical absorption behaviour is dependent predominately on the filling factor, the size and shape of the particles, and of the surrounding matrix.