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Design of passive cooling by night ventilation: evaluation of a parametric model and building simulation with measurements

: Pfafferott, J.; Herkel, S.; Jäschke, M.


Energy and buildings 35 (2003), No.11, pp.1129-1143
ISSN: 0378-7788
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Energieeffiziente und solare Kühlung; Gebäudekonzepte

At the new institute building of Fraunhofer ISE, both mechanical and free night ventilation is used for passive cooling of the offices. The results from a long-term monitoring show, that room temperatures are comfortable even at high ambient air temperatures. In two offices, experiments were carried out in order to determine the efficiency of night ventilation dependent on air change rate, solar and internal heat gains. The aim is to identify characteristic building parameters and to determine the night ventilation effect with these parameters. The experiments (one room with and one without night ventilation) are evaluated by using both a parametric model and the ESP-r building simulation programme. Both models are merged in order to develop a method for data evaluation in office buildings with night ventilation and to provide a simple model for integration in a building management system.