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Results of the EU Project Climate for Culture: Future climate-induced risks to historic buildings and their interiors

: Bertolin, Chiara; Camuffo, Dario; Leissner, Johanna; Antretter, Florian; Winkler, Matthias; Kotova, Lola; Mikolajewicz, Uwe; Jacob, Daniela; Schijndel, A.W.M. van; Schellen, Henk; Broström, Tor; Leijonhufvud, Gustaf; Ashley-Smith, Jonathan

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Società Italiana per le Scienze del Clima -SISC-, Venezia:
Second Annual Conference Climate change: Scenarios, impacts and policy 2014. Proceedings : Venice, Italy, September 29-30, 2014
Venezia: SISC, 2014
ISBN: 978-88-97666-04-2
Conference "Climate Change - Scenarios, Impacts and Policy" <2, 2014, Venice>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The EU funded Climate for Culture (CfC) Project is finalized to forecast the impact of climate change on either indoor or outdoor Cultural Heritage and advise on related risks. CfC has produced high-resolution thematic maps over Europe to highlight the expected changes and related risks for a number of key materials, building types, deterioration mechanisms for the near and far future based on two emission scenarios as developed by IPCC. The procedure to obtain a thematic map is as follows: to simulate outdoor climate change; to pass from outdoor to indoor climate change through building simulation and case studies measurements; to use damage functions and literature results to evaluate potential risk for buildings and objects; to map the above results for advice and stakeholders use. This methodology has produced 55,650 thematic maps of future climate induced risks to historic buildings and collections in their interiors. The results can be used for climate change impact assessments and for planning adaption and mitigation measures in view of preventive conservation or other applications, e.g. human health, energy consumption, cultural tourism. This paper presents some of the main project outcomes.