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High-speed surface acquisition - current developments in fringe projection technique

: Bräuer-Burchardt, Christian; Kühmstedt, Peter; Notni, Gunther

Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten : AVN (2015), No.1, pp.11-21
ISSN: 0002-5968
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
3D measurement technique; fringe projection profilometry; high-speed sensor; sensor geometry

In order to realize real-time measurements based on fringe projection technique different approaches are applied. In this paper a new methodology for code reduction in fringe projection profilometry is introduced which allows the complete omission of Gray-code for phase unwrapping. This shortens the image recording time significantly. The new method is based on asymmetric arrangement of the projector as optical component between the stereo cameras and a double triangulation of the measurement data. Additionally, a new optical high-speed sensor based on fringe projection technique is introduced which can be applied with 180 Hz frame rate. This leads to possibly 60 3D datasets per second. The sensor realizes three different sized measurement fields between 20 mm × 20 mm and 40 mm × 40 mm with lateral resolutions of 10 ?m and 20 ?m, respectively. The height resolution of the measurement is smaller than 5 ?m. The switch between the different measurement fields is simply realized by a change of the lenses. Finally, new trends and developments in the fringe projection technique are introduced and discussed.