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Comparison of the results of a laboratory experiment and a field study with regard to acoustic quality in wooden buildings and recommendations for classification of acoustic quality

: Liebl, Andreas; Späh, Moritz; Bartlomé, Olin; Kittel, Maria

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Davy, John (Ed.):
43rd International Congress on Noise Control Engineering, Inter.noise 2014. Proceedings. Online resource : Improving the World through Noise Control; Melbourne, Australia, 16-19 November 2014
ISBN: 978-0-909882-04-4
Paper 839, 8 pp.
International Congress on Noise Control Engineering (Inter-Noise) <43, 2014, Melbourne>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IBP ()

Within the European research project AcuWood a questionnaire-based field study in Germany and Switzerland as well as laboratory listening tests were conducted which aimed at the evaluation of low frequency impact noise in wooden buildings. Different building and construction types were reconsidered. Since the laboratory listening tests partly included recordings from buildings that were also included in the questionnaire-based field study, it is possible to compare the long-term acoustic satisfaction of inhabitants with the short-term subjective impression during the laboratory listening tests. The results which were already reported at the Internoise 2013 have been enriched by another dataset. Recordings and listening tests of a lower quality wooden building were added in order to test the reliability of the comparability between the laboratory test and the field study. It is also discussed to use data from listening tests as a basis for the classification of acoustic quality in order to ensure for the perceptibility of defined different acoustic qualities.