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Lean transducers for ANC applications

: Bay, Karlheinz; Leistner, Philip

21st International Congress on Sound and Vibration, ICSV 2014 : Beijing, China 13-17 July 2014
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-63439-238-9
pp.1442-1447 (Vol.2)
International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV) <21, 2014, Beijing>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

Active resonator silencers are particularly effective in attenuating low-frequency noise, practically applied since more than ten years. The essential electroacoustic components such as loudspeaker, microphone and electronics are moderately priced. But regarding the complete products, such as silencers in ducts of ventilation systems mostly produced in small series, it often leads to uneconomical solutions caused by the costs of the necessary cabinets. Usually the cabinets are manufactured from metal sheets to comply with the requirements of sound insulation as well as to enclose the air volume as one of the crucial resonator elements. In or-der to reduce the manufacturing expenses small or flat cabinets are required. But a small volume contradicts the performance of the active silencers. Thus, the applicability of lean active silencer was investigated with respect to lean transducers and optimized volume of the cabinets. Starting from the point of an application with standard active resonator cassettes, the specific requirements and restrictions of this type of silencers are presented. The scope of appropriate designed transducers is discussed. A concept of a lean active silencer array is presented together with first prototypes and completed by measurements in terms of noise attenuation.