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Physiological impacts of odour compounds

: Buettner, A.; Wagenstaller, Maria; Beauchamp, Jonathan


Parker, J.K. (Ed.):
Flavour development, analysis and perception in food and beverages
Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing, 2015 (Woodhead publishing series in food science, technology and nutrition 273)
ISBN: 978-1-78242-103-0
ISBN: 978-1-78242-111-5 (Online)
Book Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

Odorants elicit physiological effects by direct activation of chemosensory targets in the nose, but may also exert responses after systemic uptake (i.e. after their inhalation, ingestion or dermal penetration). Consequently, the impact of biotransformation processes on odorants and the activation of additional physiological targets by odorants or their biotransformation products can be considerable. The highly diverse physiological effects that can be caused by odorant exposure are reviewed in this chapter. In particular, these are discussed with respect to immediate physiological impacts, such as from the release of odorants and their interaction with the chemosensory system, as well as secondary effects, such as the post-oral or post-inhalation metabolism, distribution and accumulation of odorants and how they affect metabotropic and ionotropic receptors.