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A CORBA infrastructure plugged into a German pSISA architecture

: Usländer, T.; Herzog, R.; Pixius, K.; Menzler, H.-P.

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization -SISO-:
Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Fall 2000. CD-ROM
Orlando, Fla., 2000
Simulation Interoperability Workshop <2000, Orlando/Fla.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
HLA; CORBA; SISA; interoperability

The German Proposed Standard Interface for Simulation Applications (y-SA) provides an easy-to-use HLA-compliant and object-oriented programming environment with plug-in capabilities for heterogeneous run-time communication infrastructures, among which are, of course, the RTI implementations. The current y-SA implementation of the German Military Forces is limited to the C++/RTI1.3 profile shielding, however, the RTI API by a so-called Run-time Communication Interface (RCI). Using a multi-level architecture, the programmer of a y-SA simulation application just operates with objects relevant to his individual simulation domain. These objects are directly related to the SOM/FOM models. The paper presents first results of a running project that aims at validating the y-SA architecture by plugging underneath the RCI a CORBA-based communication infrastructure instead of the RTI. The requirement for the CORBA service interfaces is to be compliant with the OMG Distributed Simulation Facility standard. Thus, the CORBA Cap server approach embedded into the RTI1.3NG delivery is considered as a primary candidate when re-using an existing both HLA and OMG compliant implementation. The paper presents the overall SISA over CORBA requirements, the resulting architecture and gives an insight into first practical implementation experiences along with this approach. As a result, a SISA over CORBA architecture is presented that may be able to improve the "HLA Interoperability".