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Practical comparison between the finite-element and mesh-free calculation methods in the analysis of machinig simulations

Praxisrelevanter Vergleich zwischen der Finite-Elemente-Theorie und den netzfreien Berechnungsmethoden der Analyse von Zerspanungssimulationen
: Vazquez Martinez, Hector

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Created on: 12.3.2015

DYNAmore GmbH, Stuttgart:
13. LS-DYNA Forum 2014. Online resource : 6. - 8. Oktober 2014, Bamberg
Bamberg, 2014
15 Folien
LS-DYNA Forum <13, 2014, Bamberg>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
machining; Finite Elemente Methode; Simulation

In order to get a closer feeling for the simulations technologies, the present study analyzes the practical strengths and weaknesses between the calculation methods available in LS-Dyna. With the use of a standard evaluation of a machining simulation a comparison between the calculation methods FEM (Finite-Element-Method), SPH (Smoothed-Particle-Hydrodynamic) and EFG (Element-Free-Galerkin) has been conducted. Despite the similar results in relation to the cutting forces, variations on the resulting deformations, robustness and time requirements have been identified.