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ICT as an Enabler to the 5-Day Car

A Central Challenge to the ILIPT Project
: Stone, G.; Miemczyk, J.; Hellingrath, B.; Witthaut, M.

Strengthening Competitiveness through Production Networks : a Perspective from European ICT research projects in the fields of "Enterprise Networking"
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2005
ISBN: 92-894-9924-9
Book Article
Fraunhofer IML ()
supply chain management; SCM; Automobilindustrie; EDI; enterprise application integration; EAI

Within the ILIPT project ICT is seen as an enabler to the radically new logistic processes necessary to realise a 5-day-car. The current situation in the ICT systems throughout the automotive supply and distribution network is characterised by a lack of EDI standards necessary to support the complex processes. If there are standards a lot of the ICT systems don't adhere to theses standards making a flexible and fast integration of the different systems impossible. As a result current ICT solutions show a lack of integration. Besides the technologies of Enterprise Application Integration work underway under the heading of interoperability seems to be the most promising approach to come to flexible integrated ICT systems. Here the ILIPT project has undertaken an assessment of the currently active different standardisation activities in order to generate an interoperability solution capable of matching the demands stemming from a 5-day-car concept and on the same time adhere to standards as much as possible. But the ICT integration won't be enough to realise a flexible collaboration amongst the companies in an automotive supply and distribution network. To achieve this, the simultaneous integration on the organisation the process and finally the system level have to be continued in order to come to a 5-day-car.