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Characterization of multilayer structures in fiber reinforced polymer employing synchrotron and laboratory X-Ray CT

: Wirjadi, O.; Godehardt, M.; Schladitz, K.; Wagner, B.; Rack, A.; Gurka, M.; Nissle, S.; Noll, A.


International journal of materials research 105 (2014), No.7, pp.645-654
ISSN: 1862-5282
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

Specimens of carbon or glass fiber reinforced polymer can be imaged using both conventional laboratory X-ray micro-computed tomography equipment and synchrotron light sources. The image quality when using intense (partially) coherent synchrotron light is still superior, especially when applying phase-retrieval algorithms. In the resulting volume images, the fiber direction distribution and other mechanically relevant parameters such as volume fractions or layer thickness can be determined. In this contribution, we will demonstrate how fiber direction results can be used to detect regions with locally different fiber orientations in carbon or glass fiber reinforced polymer which arise in the molding process of such samples. To this end, we evaluate the three-dimensional fiber orientation tensor locally across the thickness of different specimens. For each resulting individual layer, we can automatically detect the layer thickness and the preferred fiber direction. These methods have been successfully applied to various commercial specimens. We will demonstrate results on volume images of samples from both synchrotron and laboratory micro-computed tomography and discuss the specific advantages and disadvantages in this application.